Think Forward

Think Forward is a dynamic institute designed to train educators in best practices for Project Based Learning (PBL), Leadership, and 21st Century Skill Applications.

Over four busy days, participants explore every aspect of the PBL process, from development and sequencing of data-driven projects constructed around state standards to the seamless integration of available technology in the classroom. All participants create unique, original projects, ready for implementation, and are assigned nationally recognized mentors from Manor New Technology High School who will further coach them once they have returned to their campuses.

To register, contact Steven Zipkes, (512) 278-4875, or Laura Lopez, (512) 278-4875,

Think Forward Institute (TFI) graduates are invited to join the TFI Professional Project Based Learning Community (TFI PPBLC), a community of Manor New Tech teachers, administrators, and Think Forward Institute graduates in the Central Texas and Southwest US region. Our TFI PPBLC is the next step in continuing education for our institute graduates. The TFI PPBLC takes relative topics in Project Based Learning and provides monthly plenary sessions with opportunities to partake in critical friends as well as continuous collaboration.

Come collaborate with other PBL teachers and keep current on PBL trends.