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MHS Band earns distinctions at UIL Solo & Ensemble contest

Members of the Manor High School band competed on Saturday, February 18th at the Region 26 Solo and Ensemble Contest. This event features soloists performing age level to college level literature with a piano accompaniment as well as chamber music of various types for a judge. The judge scores the performance by giving a rating on a scale of one to five. A one or "first division" means that the performance was rated as superior and warrants the highest medal of achievement. Soloists who memorized their solo or ensembles who played their piece from the advanced music list and received a superior rating, advance to the state solo and ensemble competition in May where they will compete with hundreds of superior level musicians from across the state. 

Manor HS is proud to announce that the school brought home 41 first division medals and of those, 20 students have advanced to the state solo and ensemble contest. The following students have earned the distinction of earning a first division medal at the contest and are dually noted for those who have advanced to state. 

Kaomi Matos- Flute Solo

Ariana Rodriguez-Flute Solo

Jacqueline Simental Rocha- Flute Solo

Daniel Solano- Clarinet Solo * Adv to State

Yaire Chaparro- Clarinet Solo

Alessandra Ovalle- Clarinet Solo & Clarinet Choir *Adv to State

Araceli Romero-Ochoa- Clarinet Solo

Essence Scott- Clarinet Choir * Adv to State

Edward Guerrero- Clarinet Choir *Adv to State

Kiefer Parker- Clarinet Choir * Adv to State

Emilio Villegas- Clarinet Choir * Adv to State

Amani Wilkins- Clarinet Choir * Adv to State

Craig Haley-Clarinet Choir *Adv to State

Sarah Cook- Sax Solo & Sax Trio *Adv to State

Adela Flores- Sax Trio- *Adv to State

Joshua Montano- Saxophone Solo

Janiah Connor- Sax Trio *Adv to State

Cameron Goode- Brass Quintet (Trumpet)*Adv to State

Thalia Khambay- Brass Quintet (Trumpet)*Adv to State

Jacinto Faz- Trumpet Trio

Heriberto Trejo- Trumpet Trio

Moises Jimenez- Trumpet Trio

Folasade Fashina- French Horn Solo

Katelyn Landry- French Horn Solo & Brass Quintet *Adv to State

Adriana Reynoso- Brass Quintet (Trombone) *Adv to State

Litzy Rea Valdez- Trombone Solo

Ernesto Sanchez- Euphonium Solo

Justin Rivera- Euphonium Solo

Guillermo Hernandez- Euphonium Solo

Valentin Ceballos- Tuba Solo & Brass Quintet *Adv to State

Nahum Flores- Tuba Solo

Carlos Velasco- Tuba Solo

Michael Salinas- Tuba Solo

Christian Wallace- Marimba Solo *Adv to State

Aiden Blankenship- Marimba Solo *Adv to State

Gerardo Benitez- Marimba Solo *Adv to State

Liam Self- Timpani Solo *Adv to State

Out of 48 entries present to compete that day, 41 superior ratings were given. 85% of the competitors earned a one on their solo or ensemble, or both. 

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