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       Students are expected to utilize technology to engage with resources, create multimedia products, and communicate with teachers and peers.

       Students DO NOT have to own a computer to go to New Tech High.

       Before, after school, and at lunch students may use computers at school for homework. Tutoring is also available after school if students need extra help.

       Students must abide by the cell phone policy and other rules governing the proper use of technology including:

       Not downloading songs and videos

       Not viewing inappropriate websites

       Not checking their personal email with school computers

MNTHS Student Cell Phone Procedure


While Manor New Technology High School is a tech-based school, teachers see that the biggest hindrance to instruction is the use of personal electronics at inappropriate times and for inappropriate purposes. These devices are so addictive and distracting that it is difficult for teachers to get enough attention from some students to even build the relationship necessary for quality instruction. Because of this (and other research included below), it would be best for students and teachers if administration supported students in keeping cell phone distractions at a minimum by requiring that it be silenced, an arm’s length away and out of sight for the amount of time designated by the teacher during class time.


Student Responsibilities:

  • Silence phones during passing period, before arriving to class.
  • Place phone in designated area by teacher.
  • Retrieve phone once class has been dismissed.

Teacher Responsibilities:

  • Secure cell phones in designated area.
  • Use Red/Green card to indicate if phone use is allowed at that time.
  • If phone rings, teacher turns off phone, replaces it and continues teaching.
  • Teacher ensures students retrieve their own phones after dismissal.

Administrator Responsibilities:

  • Send out parent letter.
  • Inform families of new policy.
  • Administrative support for non-compliant students as stated in the behavioral matrix.